There are many pets in "Blades Of Brim"

You start off with the pet "IceHowl". He can shoot one (1) piercing ice shard, that takes about 2-3 seconds to recharge.

You can get pets from chests, if they are in the shop, or from special events.


More pets are getting added all the time. There are 5 main types of pets.

  1. Horses
  2. Wolves
  3. Boars
  4. Mountain Goats
  5. Dragons

Pets can be with you for a limited amount of time. The higher level of your pet (There is a max for each catorgory of pets) the longer it will stay with you. Horses stay the shortest while dragons stay the longest.

Pets will attract coins when used. If you die during your time on the pet you will be revived. (If you get hit, you will still lose hearts)

You can use pets by buying whistles in the shop (Use them wisely, they are pretty expensive). Double click your screen during your run to activate the pet.

Pets also have special abilities depending on there element. You can see there abilities by tapping on the pet, and then clicking (or holding) the picture that shows the ability. Some abilites are better than others.

Every catorgory of pet has a different attack animation. You can not wall run with a pet. (as of now)

Getting a power-up while on your pet will still consume the power-up and let you use it.

Pets provide a trophie (point) bonus based on there rarity. (Common, rare, epic)

I hope this helped you!

~The Blades of Brim fanbase (To be exact, only one person)


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